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07-29-2007: Luc Alphand Aventures : Problems in the Night, But Still Going Strong
Source: PlanetLemans.com

The Luc Alphand Aventure Corvette started off extremely strongly in the Total 24 Hours of Spa, but dropped back due to a sequence of problems, and looks like finishing sixth. Oliver Beretta, clarifying what happened during his 2 hour 45 minute stint behind the wheel in the early hours of the morning, said “The first incident was when I touched a Maserati which caused a bit of bodywork damage but was not a problem, I could continue. Then, a few laps later, I was overtaking a Porsche into Eau Rouge when I saw a piece of debris on the track. I could not avoid it because of having just overtaken the Porsche; I heard a noise so knew something had happened and then I had a big understeer and knew the tyre had gone. That was when I came back into the pits.” Later on, Oliver Gavin had problems with the throttle. “It was about 3.30 in the morning and I came out of La Source and the throttle pedal went straight to the floor like it was broken. I tried lifting it with my toe but it was floppy. I guessed the linkage was broken. We lost about five laps while it was being repaired which is a huge shame as things were going pretty well until then.”