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04-25-2007: Corvette Racing Considers Its Future
Source: Autoweek

Corvette Racing could step down from the GT1 class to GT2 to compete against Porsche and Ferrari if no GT1 opposition materializes soon in the American Le Mans Series. Chevrolet has been left to race against itself in the ALMS GT1 class this year after the factory Prodrive Aston Martin team was unable to put together a full-season effort.

Corvette program manager Doug Fehan said that building a GT2 version of the car is one option open for next season. Another option is to take the C6.Rs to race in the European-based Le Mans Series.

“Since we started planning the Corvette program in 1996, we have continuously evaluated a wide variety of arenas in which the car could race,” Fehan said. “I can’t say we are leaning toward GT2, although all the homework is done.”

Fehan denied that the Pratt & Miller factory team will test a GT2-spec Corvette this summer. He stressed, however, that Chevrolet could only justify competing against itself in the ALMS for one season.

Fehan maintained that Prodrive-campaigned Aston Martin Racing will return to the ALMS before the end of the season. He suggested that the team could return for the new Detroit race in September.

Rumors that Aston Martin’s new owners have signed off on an ALMS comeback were dismissed by AMR’s George Howard-Chappell. “It is possible but by no means planned,” he said.