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Corvette Gets TLC After 20 Years Under Porch

Source: Donna Kessler, Times Herald-Record

1965 Corvette Time is precious, and Im sure we all agree there isnt enough of it, especially when it comes to projects or hobbies. Ken Ellis of Campbell Hall has experienced this firsthand.

Back in 1975, Ken and his wife, Hilda, bought a 1965 Corvette convertible. Then came the kids. Two girls, Amy and Susan. No time and no money to work on it. Need I say more? The Vette was stowed away under their enclosed porch in 1987.

This August, Ken got to thinking about his Vette. Ken will be retiring from Orange and Rockland Utilities after 37 years and figures hell have some of that lost time back. So he rolled it out from under the porch and gave his brother-in-law, Jim Walker of Middletown, a call and said to him, I have to work on my car. Jim replied, Ive been waiting for you to ask. After 20 years, it took the guys about six hours to get the 327, 300-horse engine to fire.

1965 Corvette They guys worked on the brakes and planned on pulling the engine to do some minor work on that. Then it would have been just a matter of calling the insurance company and getting it on the road.

Im looking forward to taking it for a ride, Ken said. Im sure the rest of the family is, too. Unfortunately, you tend to find things wrong when you start taking cars apart, as we all well know. Turned out the cross member was badly rotted, so the car had to be taken apart and off the frame. Ken ordered the part and has a guy lined up to do the welding. So now hes really making it his mission to be driving this baby down the road in the spring. Ill keep ya posted.