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Corvette Performance Academy Launched Across Europe

Source: DueMotori.com
March 30, 2007

Corvette’s position in the European sports car market is being further reinforced by the launch of the Corvette Performance Academy. A brand new fleet of ten Corvette C6 and four Corvette Z06 models will give drivers the opportunity to take the American sports car legend to its limits in controlled track conditions.

The Corvette Performance Academy is an all-new programme designed to allow Corvette and other sports car owners to get to know everything about driving the Corvette. Assisted by a select team of professional and highly motivated instructors, a series of events on demanding test tracks in Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium and Luxemburg will allow drivers to safely take the Corvette to the extremes.

Three different levels of training are offered, aimed at both a potential Corvette driver as well as the more experienced Corvette owner. [Please contact your local PR contact person for the prices in your country].

Level one, Corvette Safety Training, offers drivers the opportunity to learn the basics of handling the Corvette on ADAC test tracks in Germany. The day-long course includes four, 75-minute driving sessions. Slaloms, braking tests, low grip skidpans and learning about understeer and oversteer, make it an experience to remember.

Level two, Corvette Performance Training, is aimed at more experienced participants. Four, ninety-minute driving sessions work on getting the best from the superb dynamics of the Corvette, balancing the car using the throttle and steering. The day-long course is offered at tracks in Germany, Sweden, France and Belgium.

Level three, Z06 Advanced Training, is aimed at the most experienced and skilled drivers, only eligible after having successfully completed level two. Working in conjunction with Corvette Performance Academy partners Goodyear, each two-day course takes place at the Goodyear test tracks of Colmarberg in Luxembourg and Miréval in France. With just twelve participants for each course, maximum track time is ensured, with focus on developing basic racing techniques, steadily building up speed and transitioning from the C6 to the Z06, with its 377kW (512 hp) V8, 0-100 km/h performance of 3.9 seconds and top speed of 319 km/h.

The latest information and online registration details can be found at www.corvette-performance-academy.com. The Corvette Performance Academy is a joint initiative of Cadillac & Corvette Europe and Comm'plete NV.